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Autism/ Celebration of Teaching & Learning - March 7, 2009:
Save the Date and join the conversation on Autism at the 2009 Celebration of Teaching & Learning!!

Autism is top of mind for many families today.  Thirteen/WNET & WLIW21’s Celebration of Teaching & Learning will shine a spotlight on this emotional and complicated issue through thoughtful, informed discussions as part of a day-long series of sessions, large and small, on March 7, 2009 in New York City at the Hilton New York. The Celebration welcomes keynote speaker Temple Grandin; Patti Ralabate; Gary Mayerson; and panel discussions featuring experts in the field.  2009 also includes highlights such as a keynote speech on science from beloved actor and author, Alan Alda; exhibitors with the latest educational tools; book signings from acclaimed authors; and literacy panels featuring children’s book authors.  To learn more about the compelling group of speakers, as well as other exciting guests that make the Celebration the place where knowledge meet inspiration Visit thirteencelebration.org.     AHA members and advisory board members who are participating in the event: Temple Grandin, Lynda Geller, Judy Cohen, Pat Schissel, and more (we will continue to update this site)

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